June 27, 2016                            
Dossier: Iran's Parchin Facility

Uranium particles from Parchin called clue to secret nuclear program


British border security against returning jihadists called a ‘shambles’

A report from the British Home Office, roughly equivalent to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, admits that London has been largely unable to prosecute most of the at least 400 British foreign fighters who have returned to the country.

Official estimates assess only about one in eight — about 54 fighters — of those suspected of leaving the UK to fight in Iraq and Syria have been prosecuted.

'Jihadi John' was identified as Mohammed Emwazi.

Trained in the use of weapons and explosives by jihadists forces, the fighters return to possibly carry out terrorist attacks at home.

The low prosecution rate underlines the fears of experts who have been critical of the Cameron government’s ability to track and take legal against returning fighters.

U.S. warns Xi: Unless China reigns in Kim, Japan may go nuclear
The administration has sternly warned Xi Jinping, China's president, that Beijing’s continued failure to pressure Pyongyang to end its dangerous nuclear program would leave Japan no recourse but to develop its own nuclear weapons. "When I tell President Xi, you have to understand we got a guy up there in North Korea who is talking about building weapons that can [deliver a] nuclear weapons strike [against] the United States and not only Hawaii and Alaska, but...the mainland of the United States..."
Technology Wars
Israel sees 'Adir' F-35, with indigenous cyber defenses, as 'upgrade'

The IAF chief praised F-35s abilities “across the board,” and said the stealth aircraft would “significantly upgrade” Israel's ability to defend itself.

The first Israeli F-35 on display, June 22 at Lockheed Martin's production plant at Fort Worth, Texas.  

Inside Iran
Bahrain probes Shi'ite clerics on Iran ties, charges 24 on ISIL ties
Focus on Terrorism
Israel calls for $5 billion airport island to securely supply Gaza
Inside China
Xi gets pushback from elite intellectuals demandng Internet freedom
Inside North Korea
Intel on latest missile test: N. Korea closer to posing direct threat

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