April 25, 2016                            
Dossier: New Kurdish military

Kurds trains new military for federal region, emphasizes rights


Border security, migrants major UK concerns as Brexit vote nears

UK voters are being bombarded on all sides over the merits of staying in or leaving the European Union (EU) in advance of the June 23 referendum called by Prime Minister David Cameron.

David Cameron in Leeds.

The biggest concern emerging from those opposed to Britain’s remaining in the EU centers over the security implications of the referendum.

A vote to stay in the EU places the British public and government potentially under migration rules that may not be to their liking or in their security interests.

Over the past few years a wave of migrants, numbering at least one million, has entered Europe. Most have traveled from war-torn Syria and Iraq as well as, in Italy, from Libya.

U.S. confronts China expansion with joint Philippines sea patrol
The United States military has begun a joint naval patrol with the armed forces of the Philippines in the South China Sea, confirmed U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter. The U.S. and the nations surrounding the South China Sea are alarmed by China's robust island reclamation projects in the region, enlarging several disputed islands by pumping sea sand to form new dry land, upon which to build military facilities such as runways, anti-aircraft missile batteries and radar stations.
Technology Wars
Israel's new 'Drone Dome' would track, disrupt enemy combat UAVs

The Drone Dome is designed to cause "minimal collateral interruptions to the surrounding urban environment, with maximum safety to friendly aircraft."

Drone Dome is said capable of jamming the navigtion systems of enemy UAVs.  Rafael

Inside China
Xi consolidates power, elevates 6th Generation Zhejiang protégés
Inside Iran
Administration's purchase of heavy water from Iran raises questions
Focus on Terrorism
ISIL recruits, deploys jihadi brides in Libya for combat missions
Inside North Korea
Editorial to long-suffering North Koreans: Prepare for new hardships

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