January 28, 2015                            
Dossier: Recep Erdogan

Leaked documents reveal Turkish intel shipped weapons to Al Qaida

Compiled by Miles Yu

China deploys combat troops to protect vast oil assets in S. Sudan

Africa has become so important to China that it actually deployed combat troops to a strife-ridden region to safeguard Chinese-owned or operated oil facilities.

South Sudan declared independence in 2010 from Sudan for which China had long been a major protector despite the Khartoum government's egregious genocidal actions in the Darfour region.

Since independence, South Sudan, with its rich oil reserves, has also been targeted with tens of billions of dollars in Chinese pledges for financial aid and infrastructure projects. In April 2012, China pledged $8 billion for such projects.

Report: U.S.-Iran rapprochement will force Israel to launch attack
TEL AVIV ó Israel must be prepared for an Iranian reconciliation with the West that would require an attack on the nuclear infrastructure of the Middle East power, a report said. The Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies said Israel must prepare to stop Iran's nuclear weapons program alone over the next year. In a report by a leading strategist, the center warned that Teheran would reach an agreement with the United States and its allies that would enable Iran to "pursue nuclear military capabilities."
Military Technology
Israel reviewing new, less expensive Iron Beam defense system

"As far as costs are concerned, a single Iron Dome missile costs between $70,000 and $100,000, as opposed to a laser shot, which costs $5,000 or less."

Artist's impression of the Iron Beam targeting an incoming projectile. Rafael

Middle East Report
Intel: Syria kept chemical weapons which could transfer to Hizbullah
Focus on Terrorism
Prison for detainees found serving as an operations hub for ISIL
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Iran turns to China for multi-billion loan to upgrade aging refinery
Beijing cheers exit of man it considered father of Pentagonís China threat theory

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