August 20, 2014                            
Dossier: Yassin Al Suri

Revised intel: Iran sent aid
via Turkey to Al Qaida elements
in Syria

Compiled by Miles Yu

Moscow diverts attention from downed airliner with U.S. sub narrative

One day after the downing of a Malaysian airliner over Ukraine, Russia jet fighters aggressively confronted a U.S. surveillance plane in international airspace and chased it into Swedish airspace.

Russian Il-38.

The incident barely registered as a blip in the U.S. news cycle, but Moscow has promoted a story in its domestic media that distracted attention from the incident.

Russia now claims that its Northern Fleet dispatched its anti-submarine assets on Aug. 7 and successfully detected and chased a foreign submarine out of Russia's boundary waters, the Moscow-based RIA-NOVOSTI news service reported.

Israel's military fast-tracking development of tunnel-detection tech
TEL AVIV - Israel has intensified development of tunnel detection systems following a war that featured not only missile attacks but an underground war. The Israeli military has been working with private contractors for fast-track development of lightweight systems that could detect tunnels. The systems were meant to be carried in a backpack by infantry troops who operate around the Gaza Strip. In one project, the military's Talpiot unit has been testing a tunnel detection system in Tel Aviv.
Focus on the Persian Gulf States
ISIL targets Kuwait as host of U.S. troops: 'We have a score to settle'

"We cannot reach [America], but we can lure it to Kuwait where we can set foot." The warning was posted amid U.S. air strikes on ISIL positions in northern Iraq.

ISIL commander Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi.

Focus on Terrorism
Iran's IRGC warns Hizbullah set to open second front in war on Israel
Northeast Asia Report
China, Saudi accord expands 'peaceful' nuclear energy cooperation
Middle East Report
Yemen losing control of North, South despite U.S. drone strikes
Military Technology
Lockheed Martin cites successful test of GMLRS alternative warhead
Internet publicizes news of China's missile launch failure censored by state media

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