July 1, 2015                            
Dossier: Kurdish Forces

Fighting spirit: One ethnic group has the resolve to oppose ISIL


New wave of Jihadist attacks challenge limits of Egyptian security

Egypt's already severe security plight exacerbated by an expanding jihadist tactic of assassinating not just security but judiciary officials.

On June 29, Hisham Barakat, Egypt's most senior prosecutor, was killed in an explosion as his car was traveling along a busy Cairo street.

Hisham Barakat.

The jihadists also may have been aided inadvertently by the poor security practices of Barakat's guards who reportedly drove him along the same route at the same time every work day.

Barakat was a lightning rod for the opposition, his far-reaching prosecutions of regime foes have been criticized not only in Egypt but also by international monitoring organizations.

ISIL uses downloadable apps to hide attack plans, recruit followers
Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) is staying ahead of the digital game by using the West's own downloadable privacy applications. ISIL's research and development arm is using free messaging software for recruitment and communications as it rampages through Iraq and Syria. It also uses the downloadable apps to avoid FBI and NSA spying, according to noted Pentagon correspondent Rowan Scarborough.
Inside Iran
During Iran nuclear talks, IRGC deployed new long-range radar

Observers say Iran built the radar after the United States and Israel warned of military action against its nuclear program.

Iran's Ghadir phased-array radar.  Mohamad Akhlaghi/Fars

Inside North Korea
Defector: Defense minister executed for challenging budget decision
Technology Wars
Israel, U.S. training 'Magic Wand' anti-missile system operators
East Asia Report
Japan-South Korea rapprochement closely monitored in China
Inside China
New security law targets all cyber threats, foreign and domestic

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