May 6, 2015                            
Dossier: Saddam Hussein

Saddam's shadow casts shroud over Iraq, credited with rise of ISIL

Compiled by Miles Yu

Japan poised to replace UK as America's global strategic partner

With Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's week-long high-profile visit to the United States, a new global U.S. partnership is emerging that could replace the U.S. "special relationship" with Britain, which is fading fast with London's rapid retreat to isolationism and global insignificance.

The formation of this new strategic relationship can be credited to one of the most profound international and geopolitical realignments in recent memory, i.e. the rise of a revisionist and vengeful China.

Japanese PM Shinzo Abe speaking on April 29.

It would have been unimaginable only a decade ago for Japan to be considered a global player on par with the United States. After its defeat in World War II, Japan had become the world's most adamantly pacifist nations for nearly 70 years.

Obama's relaxed attitude about S-300 sale to Iran shocks U.S. allies
U.S. President Barack Obama induced a "jaw-dropping" response after saying he was "not surprised" about Russia's decision to proceed with sales of its S-300 missile system to Iran. "This is a sale that was slated to happen in 2009, when I first met with then-Prime Minister Putin and I'm frankly surprised that it held this long, given that they were not prohibited by sanctions from selling these defensive weapons."
Focus on Terrorism
FBI chief warns ISIL recruitment strategies in U.S. difficult to counter

Comey said "hundreds, maybe thousands" of Americans are being bombarded by ISIL's messaging on Twitter and other platforms.

"ISIL is a very popular fad among a lot of disturbed people."   

Northeast Asia Report
Japan poised to pass new defense act to lift post-WWII restrictions
Middle East Report
Israel announces 'Iron Dome' equivalent for detecting attack tunnels
Focus on the Persian Gulf States
Report: U.S. may sell Saudis bunker busters once sent only to Israel
Technology Wars
NSA is seeking 'Cyber National Mission Force' recruits with attitude
Widening purge of PLA generals elevates Xi to Mao-like pinnacle of power

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