September 17, 2014                            
Dossier: Barack Obama

Report: Obama had secret back channel to Iran during 2008 campaign

Compiled by Miles Yu

South Korea, Vietnam turn to Israel for battle-tested weapons

The tiny state of Israel with a population of 8 million crammed into an area smaller than New Jersey, is the world's 6th largest arms exporter, with some of its weapons reigning at the top of the most coveted items in the global arms trade market.

The reason is simple: Israel is surrounded by hostile Arab and Palestinian forces, and, for self-defense, has developed some of the world's most efficient weapons systems that have withstood the test of time and multiple battlefield experiences.

South Korea Spike NLOS missiles .

In the highly dangerous and volatile security environment in East and South East Asia, that translates into brisk arms exports for Israel.

Intel: Hizbullah built arsenal of 5,000 long-range rockets from Iran
TEL AVIV - Israel's intelligence community has determined that the Iranian-sponsored Hizbullah built a huge long-range rocket arsenal. The intelligence community has assessed that Hizbullah was focusing on the procurement of rockets with a range of more than 100 kilometers. In a recent assessment to the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, intelligence agencies concluded that Hizbullah amassed an Iranian-origin long-range arsenal of at least 5,000 rockets.
Focus on Iran
Report: Iran now poses naval threat 'throughout and outside the Gulf'

"The Strait of Hormuz may be the most vulnerable point for an attack on maritime shipping, but Iran can carry out sea-air-missile attacks that affect maritime traffic at any place in the Gulf

Iranian Navy vessels during exercises in the Persian Gulf.

Northeast Asia Report Military Technology
China reports Ukraine plans to regain status as a nuclear power
Focus on Terrorism
Report: ISIL fired cluster munitions in Syria's Aleppo province
Military Technology
Turkey weighs French alternative to China's missile defense system
Focus on Persian Gulf States
Saudis admit captured ISIL recruits were released Al Qaida detainees
iPhone6 on hold in China where 'economic nationalism' is on the rise

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