September 3, 2014                            
Dossier: Quiet U.S.-Qatar Alliance

U.S. called key to Qatar's covert dealings with terror groups, Iran

Compiled by Miles Yu

NATO increases Black Sea naval presence as Russia invades Ukraine

As Russia escalated tensions with Kiev and finally launched an invasion force, the U.S. and other NATO allies were beefing up naval presence in the Black Sea in an effort to muster a show of resolve against Russia's adventurism.

Two more NATO warships, the USS Ross, an Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer and the French frigate Commandant Biro, were on the way to the Black Sea and scheduled to arrive there on Sept. 3.

The USS Ross.

According to a regional treaty called the Montreux Convention, naval vessels from non-Black Sea nations are not allowed to stay in the Black Sea for more than 21 days. This allows Russia to make use of its Black Sea Fleet, headquartered in the newly annexed Crimea port Sebastopol.

Changing face of war: Israel's unmanned military platforms dominated
TEL AVIV For the first time, Israel's military has fought a war dominated by unmanned platforms. Military and industry sources said Israel deployed an unprecedented level of unmanned operations in the war against Hamas in July 2014. The sources said the platforms included unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned ground vehicles and unmanned surface vessels. "For the first time, the Israel Defense Forces conducted many more hours of unmanned than manned flights," Israeli defense analyst Amir Rapaport said.
Military Technology
U.S. permits DigitalGlobe to sell high-res military satellite images

The Commerce Department has allowed DigitalGlobe to sell its highest-quality commercial satellite imagery. The company is a leading contractor to the U.S. intelligence community.

The United Launch Alliance launched an Atlas V rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base carrying WorldView-3. Gene Blevins/L.A. Daily News

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