April 16, 2014                            
Dossier: Chechen Fighters in Syria

Chechens played key role in Syria, honed skills before returning home

Compiled by Miles Yu

Loss of joint major weapons projects keenly felt by Russia, Ukraine

After the UK, France, the U.S. and other key NATO member states' suspended all military cooperation with Russia, the Ukrainian government likewise announced it would terminate all joint weapons development projects with Moscow.

On the face of it, this would not seem to be a major development considering the impact of Russia's action to the territorial integrity and political stability of Ukraine.

Ukraine Defense Industry booth at IDEX 2013.

Psychologically and economically, however, this is a big deal to both Ukraine and Russia. The roots of military cooperation and arms transfer between Kiev and Moscow goes extraordinarily deep due to shared Soviet patterns and connections.

Israel reports flow of Iranian, Russian missile guidance system kits
TEL AVIV - Israel has determined that Hizbullah was enhancing its missiles with modern guidance and navigational systems. The Israeli intelligence community has assessed that Hizbullah was turning its medium- and long-range missiles into precision-guided weapons. Sources said Military Intelligence has detected the flow of Iranian and Russian kits that turned some of Hizbullah's 100,000 unguided rockets into those that could target specific bases and even buildings in Israel.
Focus on Iran
Iran, Pakistan conduct rare naval exercises in the Strait of Hormuz

The Iranian Navy said the exercise would bolster military cooperation between the neighbors. Teheran has long accused Pakistan of tolerating the flow of Al Qaida infiltrators into Iran.

An Iranian warship test-fires a missile during a naval exercise near the Strait of Hormuz. AFP

Middle East Report
Egypt IDs influx of Sunni mercenaries from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan
Focus on the Persian Gulf States
Gulf states reaches out to Egypt, Jordan to replace Qatar in alliance
Northeast Asia Report
U.S. withdraws from Chinese fleet review to protest snub of Japan
Military Technology
Turkey could develop own BMD, with quiet support from Beijing
Purge fills N. Korean gulags as report details national power base that triggered it

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