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    Not to mention the really big ones!

   World Tribune.com specializes in exclusive international news for a general interest worldwide audience. But our editors and writers also have access to information not yet on the radar screens of the "Mainstream Media." We have been publishing these reports in the online intelligence newsletter, Geostrategy-Direct since its first edition on March 13, 2001. These reports chronicle shifts and pressure points in the global balance of power and has implications far beyond the day-to-day "commodity news".

    Consider for example the impact of reports by national security reporter Bill Gertz, which are followed closely at both the Pentagon and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Politburo Standing Committee. Mr. Gertz is a Contributing Editor and other correspondents include veteran China Watcher Miles Yu and a worldwide network of authorities on news of strategic significance. Recently, the special reports, "Inside China" and "Inside North Korea" have been added to the lineup.

    We cannot put a price tag on the intelligence briefings you will receive from Geostrategy-Direct. But our subscribers who include prominent current and former officials in U.S. and international security circles have told us repeatedly that Geostrategy-Direct is simply the best publicly-available open source intelligence report. The affordable subscription fee for these weekly reports is intended to make them accessible to the general public. Corporate and agency site licenses and special reports are also available upon request.

   To our loyal readers we say thank you for your thousands of e-mails and expressions of encouragement. Your subscription to Geostrategy-Direct.com is critically important for sustaining operations and greatly appreciated.

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