July 30, 2014                            
Dossier: Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Audit in Turkey blames
political interference for
defense industry woes

Compiled by Miles Yu

U.S. bans flights to 6 countries that pose threats to passenger jets

The U.S. government has issued a sweeping ban on international passenger jets in the skies of 6 countries that pose danger to the safety of the flights.

American Airlines Boeing 777.

The six countries are Ukraine, Ethiopia, Iraq, Libya, North Korea and Somalia.

The Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, made the announcement in a statement on July 21, citing the recent tragic shooting down of a Malaysia Airlines' Boeing 777 in the Ukraine-Russia border.

A missile said fired by pro-Russia separatists killed nearly 300 innocent people, including women and children, in the Malaysian Airlines disaster.

On rebound after war effort, Hamas to revive indoctrination networks
TEL AVIV - Israel's intelligence community has assessed that Hamas was preparing to rebuild its operational and sleeper network in the West Bank after restoring its damaged credibility in the region by going to war with Israel. Government sources said the intelligence community has issued an assessment that Hamas wanted to use the new Palestinian Authority unity government to restore a major military presence in the West Bank.
Northeast Asia Report
Japan on a roll: Okays joint F-35-related missile research with Great Britain

After its landmark sale of missile defense components to the U.S, Japan is announcing a new weapons research project with Great Britain.

Meteor missile displayed next to F-35.  

Focus on the Persian Gulf States
Saudis deploy 2,000 troops, three helicopter squadrons near Iraq
Middle East Report
Russia to send more SU-25s, but not pilots, to fight ISIL in Iraq
Focus on Terrorism
Sources: Saudi embassy in Tajikistan recruited fighters for ISIL
Military Technology
Lexington Institute: Mideast nations need U.S. light attack aircraft
Elaborate Chinese cyber espionage operation targeted U.S. firms, F-35 tech

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