October 29, 2014                            
Dossier: ISIL

ISIL fighters took the fight to Israel during summer's Gaza War

Compiled by Miles Yu

Moscow, Amsterdam in heated dispute over submarine sightings

Russia and the Netherlands have accused each other of sending a submarine into Swedish territorial waters.

Swedish Navy corvette HMS Visby on Oct. 19.

On Oct. 17, the Swedish military launched a massive search for a mysterious foreign submarine in its territorial waters. The reports led to speculation that the uninvited submarine belonged to Russia and was perhaps malfunctioning under water.

That would be a great embarrassment for Moscow on many fronts, including loss of face for yet another submarine accident in a long chain of mishaps. Even worse would be confirmation that it was detected illegally operating in another country's maritime domain.

Iran's SPND said to move most sensitive nuclear weapons research
The Iranian opposition said the Teheran regime transferred nuclear weapons research to avoid detection by the International Atomic Energy Agency. The Mujhadeen Khalq said that the relocation was conducted by the Organization of Defensive Information and Research, or SPND. "According to the information from sources inside Iran, the Iranian regime moved the Organization of Defensive Innovation and Research in July . . . .
Focus on Terrorism
Hamas shifts war strategy to West Bank in deal with Palestinians

The report said Hamas intensified efforts to expand its insurgency infrastructure in the West Bank in wake of the war with Israel in July and August 2014.

IDF soldiers in the West Bank.

Focus on Persian Gulf States
Saudi on 'high alert' after advances by Iran-backed Shi'ites in Yemen
Middle East Report
U.S. cites top Assad military aide after complaints from opposition
Military Technology
Israel's new Arrow-3 defense system designed to foil missile salvos
Northeast Asia Report
Japan's Abe ducks West's sanctions, sets meetings with Putin
China scolds Taiwan's president for publicly endorsing Hong Kong democracy

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