October 15, 2014                            
Dossier: Ali Mansouri

Iran said to step up intelligence ops after attacks on nuclear sites

Compiled by Miles Yu

NATO chief is anti-war activist with record of appeasing Russia

Last week, Jens Stoltenberg assumed the position of the Secretary General of NATO, replacing his hawkish predecessor, Anders Fogh Rasmussen. The new chief is quite Russia-friendly so much so he was evenly vigorously recruited by the KGB as an agent during the twilight years of the Cold War.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

Stoltenberg is a life-time anti-war activist whose choice as the NATO chief has puzzled many in the United States. He has been known for making compromises and concessions to Russian demands. Under former chief Rasmussen, NATO suspended all cooperation with Russia over Putin's aggressions in Ukraine and Moscow's annexation of Crimea.

U.S. to deploy Marines for Mideast rapid-response force in Kuwait
WASHINGTON Officials said the Marine Corps was assigned to contribute a brigade-size unit designed for rapid deployment throughout the Middle East. The deployment could significantly increase the U.S. military presence in Kuwait. Until 2013, the United States was reported to have more than 13,500 troops in the Gulf Cooperation Council sheikdom, most of them serving a support role for the war in Afghanistan
Focus on Iran
Yemen cites intelligence that Iran directed Shi'ite takeover of capital

Officials said the government and intelligence community concluded that Iran, particularly Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, helped equip, train and mentor the Shi'ite Al Houthi rebels.

Houthi militants celebrate after seizing control in Sanaa, the Yemeni capital. Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

Middle East Report
Israel's Mossad reportedly infiltrating eastern Sinai against Ansar
Military Technology
U.S. develops unmanned system to counter Iran's swarm strategy
Northeast Asia Report
South Korea announces plan for major increase in defense budget
Focus on Terrorism
Egypt arrests recruitment cell near Suez said to be financed by ISIL
Hong Kong protests spawn a greater-China united front in Taiwan, Beijing

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