April 1, 2015                            
Dossier: Barack Obama

White House reverses stance on Iran's nuclear weapon capability

Compiled by Miles Yu

Moscow essentially annexes South Ossetia one year after taking Crimea

Seven years after Russia instigated and conducted a separatist war that was ostensibly for the independence of South Ossetia, Moscow has just virtually annexed the former Georgia territory.

A comprehensive new agreement with South Ossetia gives Russia the exclusive right to defend South Ossetia which has been recognized by only three countries in the world: Russia, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

Vladimir Putin on anniversary of Crimea annexation.

The agreement also stipulates that Russia and South Ossetia will endeavor to speed up eventual integration.

In addition, South Ossetia's military and security organizations will be merged with corresponding Russian organizations.

Arabs lose patience with U.S. pledges, conduct rare action summit
As the United States pushed for an Iran nuclear agreement on March 31, an emergency 2-day Arab summit the previous weekend dispensed with the vague declarations that typify such gatherings and opted for action. Not only was a joint military force agreed to but it was formed and deployed in response to the crisis in Yemen created by the surge of the Iran-backed Shi'ite Houthi militia that now controls the capital city of Sanaa.
Northeast Asia Report
Another Boehner invite to address Congress, this time Japan's Abe

Abe will be the first ever Japanese prime minister to speak at a joint Congressional session.

Japan's Shinzo Abe has been the most muscular U.S. ally in the Pacific during the past two-year-period.    Economist

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